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Cyprus is located in the centre of Europe, Africa and Asia. She shares borders with the oil-producing Middle-East nations. Her central locations make her a country with diverse cultures. Also, the area is helping the government to build a quality trading relationship with neighbouring countries.

Because the country has a close tie with nations like Syria, Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, and Crete, it has experienced an ancient culture.

The geographical position of Cyprus between the three continents of Europe, Asia and Africa helps the island develop trade and tourism relations with countries in these continents.

Cyprus can easily be accessed through the black sea motorway. That transport path has assisted in the spread of Greek culture and the enhancement of Greek commerce.

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Cyprus has got an attractive Tax system. Being an EU member, the nation now has a tax policy that doesn’t take nine square brackets of yearly percentages based on the property value.

This development gives Cyprus’ an excellent reputation for creating simple tax laws that allow transparency.

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Our focus on building and tax rights has almost made us forget the benefits island has got to offer. Talk of the 340 days of sunshine annually and 49 virgin beaches with blue flags; Cyprus is indeed a delightful place to reside.


If you’re concerned about banking in Cyprus, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

The Cypriot banking system was exceptionally designed to ease business activities.
It has a reliable and organized banking system that takes care of individuals and business needs.

The country banking system has a pool of experts who offer quality services to clients.

These experts communicate in Greek, Turkish, Russian and English.  So, investors can always connect with the expert easily.


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