Cyprus Property Investment

Cyprus Property Investment: Why now?

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The entire 2020 was challenging for businesses across the world. The real estate market in Cyprus is not left out. This industry caters to the needs of the elites within the area. The 2020 Covid-19 swindled demands.

Despite the huge fall in the level of real estate investment in Cyprus during this period, it continues to be among the major pillar of Cyprus economy. According to PwC ‘Cyprus Real Estate Market , the industry contributed about 17% to the entire economy of Cyprus.

Because the market is starting to recovering from its 2020 losses, investing in it now would mean spending less to reap huge returns in no time.

The rental returns on Cyprus properties are still high. Currently, the monthly rent for homes is double the 2019 prices. Investing now can mean creating a source of good income for yourself.

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Currently, developers are attracting investors with incentives. They are offering investors with lower cost of property acquisitions. There are some other amazing incentives going on in the Cyprus real estate industry.  Take for instance, there is a full VAT refund and free property maintenance service for investors. If you’re investing now, you will enjoy these offers.

The island of Cyprus is a well known for vacations. At this moment, there is tight security against criminal activities. Because of such development, there is little cases of crime in the region. This makes it a safe place for outsiders to live in. So, if you’ve been looking for a safer climate to invest in, consider Cyprus.

Based on the 2018 statistics, Cyprus attracted tourists which net the nation up to $3,449,000,000.00.  The country is undoubtedly a tourism hub. When the Covid-19 travel restriction is eased , it’s expected to attract more tourists. So, your real estate investment will be worthwhile as there is a ready made market for the property you build.

Where to buy your Cyprus Property Investment?
You can consider buying property at Southern Cyprus. There are several amazing golf courses across the the area. The Minthis, Aphrodite’s Hills and Venus Rock are all an attraction to the region.

There are several options you can choose from. Feel free to contact us today for enquiries.

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